Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts for that special someone in your life!

We created Rude Dude Candles to fill a void in the "smart ass" candle space. Well, there wasn't really a void, we just wanted to curse and put it onto awesome smelling scented candles.

Rude Dude Candles make excellent birthday gifts.

What better way to tell some to "F" themselves with all your love! Birthdays are the best time for you to show your true colors to someone who is worthy of your humor.

Anyone can purchase a generic, "mmm that candle smells ok", candle, but there is only ONE RUDE DUDE CANDLE COMPANY. So now you can say what you really mean.


When you say it with a smile it just sounds different. 

Encouraging a passionate lifestyle with passionate words.

You're never to young and never too old.  Go ahead and SAY IT!!!!!!

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"Freaken' Awesome! My husband loves these candles..." - Janet C, NH❤️❤️